Join a curious caterpillar on a garden adventure in this award-winning interactive storybook.

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Charming, original story unfolds over 28 pages.

The little bug meets many fascinating insect friends on his adventures through the garden. Each one has a wonderful talent: the grasshopper makes music, the ant digs tunnels, the bee makes honey. But what wonderful thing can the little bug do?

Interactive elements to discover on every page.

Readers can tap, tilt, and swipe through the garden to play out the story on the screen. Make honey with a honeybee, find a hidden katydid, build a spider web, dig ant tunnels, and more. Dozens of hidden interactions leave more to discover with every read-through.

Beautiful graphics bring the garden to life.

The Little Bug features gorgeous Retina-quality graphics, captivating animation, and original music. Each scene is created from many layers of hand-painted watercolor textures, creating a sense of depth. Readers can tilt the iPad to see more of a scene.

Learn about backyard biodiversity.

The Little Bug can be easily incorporated into the learning environment. The simple narrative introduces nature-based vocabulary words, which are narrated aloud when tapped. The app complements insect, garden, or nature-focused lessons. Download activity worksheets to use with the app in the classroom.

Especially crafted for young readers.

Read-to-Me and Read-It-Myself settings allow children to build literacy skills or follow along. Original typeface is suited for young readers. The kid-friendly interface makes it easy to advance ot the next page or jump to a favorite scene.

Author, illustrator, & developer

Jackie Littman

Jackie is a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for the illustrated and the interactive. She has a background in graphic design, children's theatre, and software instruction. When not behind a computer screen, she can be found making egg sandwiches, reading mystery novels, and traveling.

Jackie created The Little Bug as her thesis project in the Graphic Design MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Music & Sound

Joshua Cipolla


Mike Boland


Ellen Lupton

Jennifer Cole Phillips

Abbott Miller

Glen Cummings

Code Consultant

Jason M. Gottlieb

Writing Advisor

David Barringer

Activity Sheets

Teachers can incorporate The Little Bug app into the classroom for an interactive learning experience. Download and print the activity sheets to supplement your lesson.

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Get the inside scoop on the making of The Little Bug. The Crafting an App blog follows the year-long process of designing and building the app.

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Dress up your smartphone or tablet with beautiful artwork from the app. These Retina-quality wallpapers let you carry the garden with you, wherever you go.

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